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Our restaurant is ready to host with joy every important time of your life, by making this time an experience to remember. We can host a marriage, baptism, renewal vows, anniversary, birthday or whatever you believe it’s important for you, by creating the appropriate meal and atmosphere for the occasion, always Plaka beach as background.

Come in creating together the event you are dreaming engraved it in your memory forever.

Nikos & Maria Restaurant


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Our restaurant is on the beach of Plaka in Naxos. The location it is from sand dunes with golden sand beaches, that make it appropriate for families and for those who prefer calm and serenity instead of the full-of-noise lifestyle of Naxos Town.

From morning, you can enjoy your breakfast in our restaurant and your coffee too, and delight the sun and sea in the organized beach just in front of our restaurant.

Our restaurant is open from early in the morning,but the experience of the taste is at the pick in the time of sunset, when they are available our tables on the beach, for luxuriating a romantic dinner, under the light of the sun that setting and with sea under your feet for completing the outstanding landscape.

Furthermore, besides our restaurant, you will find our very well-equipped super-market, which has available whatever you will need for your summer vacation.
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We welcome you with joy in our traditional restaurant, which menu was made with love and respect at Naxian gastronomic tradition, combined with the most sterling products, most of them are from our production and are cooking with extra virgin olive oil.

In our restaurant, you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, dinner and also you coffee, in our special configured café, which is within the restaurant. All of these, admiring the marvellous Plaka beach with the idyllic sunset by the waves. Ask us for our wines.